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Avaintec announces cooperation with Positiverse and continue jointly to develop global eSignature service based on a blockchain. 

"We are proud to start our cooperation with Avaintec. This partnership is a great opportunity to use Avaintec's established market position and Positiverse's expertise in the blockchain technology and digital identity to develop jointly innovative solutions which will help our customers succeed" said Bartłomiej Klinger Co-founder & CEO of Positiverse

“Positiverse has strong expertise in the blockchain technology and digital identity business. They also strengthen our Poland team and provide essential technical support for our local customers. Our joint journey will also provide state-of-the-art solutions for GDPR requirements combining their myConsents product and Avaintec´s electronic signature service SignHero” said Jere Vento, COO&Head of Marketing of Avaintec.

Avaintec ( combines 20 years of solid expertise with a progressive startup mindset. We deliver great user experience through service design, easy to use solutions and customer obsessed support. We worship agile product development and project management methods to keep things lean and fast. Our multinational Avaintec family (including over 10 nationalities) is mainly located in two offices: Helsinki (Finland) and Hangzhou (China).

Positiverse is a new Polish startup aims to help customers navigate the complexities of the blockchain technology and solve real business issues by properly applying the blockchain. The startup was funded in 2016 by a team of business-oriented, tech-savvy consultants, enterprise software architects, and IT engineers. The main pillar of Positiverse’s business is the myConsents solution which allows companies to obtain inaccessible till today ability to effectively manage end-users' consents to use their personal data. The solution eases compliance with customer-centric privacy regulations like the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The second pillar of Positiverse’s business is providing value by delivering on-demand consultancy, software development and implementation services focused on the blockchain technology.