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We provide consultancy services for the full lifecycle of an invention, starting from a business case analysis until the successful integration and deployment.
To help you reach your business goals we can arrange and conduct:
  • Awareness sessions - Let's show you the technology and its practical application.
  • Strategic advisory - Let’s create jointly your blockchain strategy.
  • Business case assessments - Let’s calculate together ROI on your specific business.
  • System architecture - Let’s draw the functionalities and main building blocks of the solution.
  • Project plan and execution - Let's structure the project together and conduct it using most efficient techniques.


We provide software development and deployment services which cover all aspects of an efficient implementation of both the blockchain solution and its mobile or web user interface. Ww work in full Agile mode, focusing on iterative software development. In our implementation services portfolio you can find:
  • Project assessment - Let's review the current status of your project and identify all opportunities for improvement and scaling.
  • Project planning - Let's define the roadmap of main deliverables and important milestones to reach.
  • Project structuring - Let's setup and kick-off your software development lifecycle process using best practices and most appropriate Agile framework.
  • Software development - Let's use our developers skills to strengthen your team and to achieve your goals quicker.